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Before we talk about how to make money online I want you to know about some important things! I mean to say that you should know about the concept of online earning then I will be discussing online money-making ways.

So let's get started


The concept to make money online via the internet is not new and Making Money is the most discussed topic nowadays because of sudden noticeable improvement and growth of information technology. The idea of online money-making is attractive to many because of the benefits it offers.

Primarily, because of two main motivational factors:

First:           The lucrative potential of the internet, as one can earn in dollars.
Second:      The personal freedom that comes, because you can work from anywhere.

No geographical limitations whether you live in a village, city, or far from the area even though there is no fixed schedule you have to follow. You can work anytime at your convenience. 
There are a handful of people who know how to make money on the internet working from home But this a real fact that if you learn this art, you can make more than 300$ to 1200$ every month online.
Everyone including me does have a dream of earning something on their own and sometimes there might be a case that some are not yet eligible to work. 
In the real world industries and for some there are problems like adjustment of time and so on and those people look for working online but somehow fail to find out what are the exact ways to earn money online in a legit way.

Many people are making handsome money using these online methods, not in thousands of dollars ($), but many people in the USA are making millions per month via these methods.
I know 500+ Online Money Making Ways(Subcategories) but there are two major ways of Online

2 Major Ways To Make Money Online 
1 . Investment Way - For The People who have money can invest & make money

This way of making money is for those who have wealth and can invest to make more money. This is like the way they invest in one of the chosen fields and get shares, percentages,s etc. It can be any field like forex trading, Digital   Currency, investing in Online Shopping Store, etc. An investment makes money in one of two ways: By paying out income, or by increasing in value to other investors.

2 Non-investment Way - For The People who use non-investment ways & make money

This way of making money online is random because it can be in different ways  For example: Selling something online like selling used products, Painting, Photos, Videos,   Apps,   Sharing Content, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, using some sites. But the most Popular and Non-Investment way to make money online is: Make Money By Skills That is my favorite and best way to make money online.

Everyone has at least one skill that he could earn money with and you know that by using some skills thousands of people making money online. however, there are thousands of people who are already making money by using their skills. So what is yours....?  Well, to help you figure out what skills you can use and make money I include my favorite one and interesting way of making online money that I use Blogging.

So let's start with the title of  " Learn 6 Real, Halal and Legal Online Money Making Ways "

Note:  Ways of Online Earning I mentioned here are non-investment ways:

(1)    Making Money with Ad Networks   
(2)    Make Money By Skills
(3)    Make Money with Affiliate Marketing     
(4)    Make Money By Selling
(5)    Make Money with PTC Sites              
(6)    Make Money By Sharing

More Random ways of Making Money Online below.
(Playing Games,  Forex Trading, Investing in Digital Currency, Downloading Files, Uploading Files, Reading Emails, Shopping Online & Get Cash, Transcription Online, Doing Online Surveys, Renting a Room Online, )